Virtual Reality will change the world, with your help.


     We believe that virtual reality has the potential to change the world unlike any technology before it. Mankind’s challenges have never been greater than today, and virtual reality’s unique ability to immerse people into an experience is unmatched. Virtual reality can connect us and create empathy by opening our eyes to someone else's perspective. Education through immersive experiences creates awareness, and can lead the world to act on global issues the human race is facing with a sense of commonality.

     VR for Impact is a multi-year program providing grants to VR projects in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Through VR for Impact, HTC Vive commits funding to developers, creators and VR dreamers to build something new, something that speaks to our humanity and has the potential to change the world.

Let’s create a pathway to global peace and prosperity together!


experiences that will change the world

We are proud to present a showcase of our ongoing selections for the VR for Impact program: OrthoVR, the Life Project, The Blank Canvas, Tree, and The Extraordinary Honey Bee. These are projects we believe strongly represent the spirit and mission of the Sustainable Development Goals. 



End poverty. End inequality. End injustice. Stop climate change. The Sustainable Development Goals are not small objectives, but we don’t want you to think small, either. Virtual reality can change the world, and the change starts with you - as a VR developer.

The potential for Virtual Reality to help us learn, understand, and transform the world is limitless. VR for Impact is a challenge to the VR community and content developers across the globe to help drive awareness and to solve the biggest challenges of mankind.
— Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO, HTC

     You might think that you, or your development team, can do very little to change the world around you through VR software. We don’t think that’s the case. Many pieces of art that changed the world, including software and games, were created by one person or small teams. With the development tools available today, there has never been a better time to express yourself creatively, in a medium that’s brand new and charged with possibilities.

     If you’re developing a VR title, on any platform, that promotes one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals - we want to hear from you. Our initial application period has finished, but VR for Impact has only just begun.


  • Understand everyone. Literally walk a mile in another person’s shoes. Experience war zones, celebrations, life, death and everything in-between. Creating empathy for every human experience is a new frontier in VR.

  • Educate through experience. Bring history to life in the most immersive way yet possible. Place people inside math equations. Unlock the microscopic world. Witness the Big Bang, then rewind and let it happen again.

  • Work in new ways. See your industrial project from inside and out. Collaborate with colleagues, going way beyond the whiteboard in real time and real space. Open up the ‘sharing economy’ in whole new ways.

  • Travel to the impossible. Get closer to ancient ruins than you ever could in real life. Travel instantly to any point on the globe, or the solar system, or beyond. Experience environments inhospitable for human life. Go on safari as one of the animals.

  • Make medicine become magic. Visualize the human body at a definition never witnessed. Operate from anywhere. Bring clarity to the confused, sight to the blind and relief to those in pain.

  • Reshape the planet. Warn the world of climate change, then show them the possibilities of a fossil-fuel free existence.