We are proud to present our initial selection for the VR for Impact initiative.

Congratulations go to SpaceVR, Tree, and The Extraordinary Honey Bee, projects we think strongly represent the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for climate action and life on land, amongst others.

This is only the beginning for VR for Impact. We will be announcing additional grant recipients for 2017 through the end of the year. So stay tuned!

We evaluated over 1,400 applications to the VR for Impact initiative and were amazed by the creativity, breadth, and innovation of the ideas. We are sure with so many passionate evangelists, VR will have a significant impact for good in the future.
— Ylva Hansdotter, PM VR for Impact, HTC Vive


SpaceVR is the world’s first virtual reality platform allowing users to experience space first hand through the immersion of VR. Founded in 2015, the team has built the first VR satellite, the Overview 1, which will launch later this year on Space X. Once in orbit, SpaceVR will stream video that users can experience in full virtual reality or as 360-degree video.

For more information on SpaceVR, please visit www.spacevr.co or see video here.



Tree is a critically acclaimed virtual reality experience enhanced by haptic feedback to immerse viewers in the tragic fate that befalls a rainforest tree. The experience brings to light the harrowing realities of deforestation, one of the largest contributors to global warming. Tree is an official selection of Sundance Film Festival New Frontier and Tribeca Film Festival Immersive 2017.

For more information on Tree, please visit http://www.treeofficial.com/

The Extraordinary Honey bee

Honey Bee is a joint project with Häagen-Dazs® ice cream looking at the alarming rate at which bee populations are falling. In Honey Bee, users will shrink down to the size of a bee for a guided VR experience where they learn of the risks bee colonies face and solutions currently being implemented to offset their decline.

For more information on The Extraordinary Honey Bee, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUt2PC0Ks4Y.